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EntitleMedia is one of the top SEO organizations, taking into account numerous organizations worldwide in making their online presence more vivid and expanding. Our expert group of 40+ qualified online digital marketers offer powerful web-based marketing considering the prerequisites of the customer.

As an established search engine optimization organization, EntitleMedia has carved a niche for its custom made digital marketing strategies in the field of digital business. We have been a solid coalition with a few little scales and huge scale organizations since our inception. We at EntitleMedia adapt to new web index modification or algorithm update that Google turns out and stay aware of the SEO, guaranteeing that our presumed demographics' sites perform particularly well on the internet searcher.

  • Get presented to a wide online crowd

  • Extend your client base and enter new markets effortlessly

  • Multi-lingual Search Engine Optimization: Customize your site dependent on areas

  • Improve your internet business deals

  • Keep up the credibility of your business with a quality backlinking system

  • Upgrade your business' general online nearness

The Procedure: How we work?

Week 1 - Our senior strategist will try to understand client requirements through continuous meetings with the client.

Our senior strategist will understand your goals and will plan a 3 months, 6 months and 1-year strategy for your business growth which will be revised on a monthly basis

At the same time, our automated system will assign a team of 5 digital marketing experts who will be working on your project and will send you monthly report, statistics of the work, visitors, conversion, etc.

Account Manager Image

Account Manager

An account Manager for Digital marketing will represent EntitleMedia and will be your contact person for the project.

Our Account Manager for your project will be responsible for

  • Taking inputs from clients all the time

  • Communicating with the client on working hours

  • Coordinate with a team to achieve the result

  • Monthly meetings with client and team

  • Sending monthly reports

Senior Strategist Image

Senior Strategist

An expert in SEO with 10 years of experience and have handled a minimum of 1000 accounts.

Our senior Strategist is the brain of the team who will plan your campaign, monitors and gives you fruitful results.

Senior Strategist will be responsible for

  • Initial Interaction with the client and understanding their goals

  • Making 3 months, 6 months & 12 months plan

  • Revising plan on a monthly basis

  • Setting goals for the team

  • Assigning tasks to team members

Research Analyst Image

Research Analyst

Our diligent Research Analyst will conduct explicit research on the competitor websites and analyze all the Data which needs to be beaded for SEO ranking.

Our Research Analyst will be responsible for:

  • Competitors website research on keywords used, and backlinks created

  • Researching best keywords for your business

  • Finding best and suitable backlink websites for the project

  • Conduct research on your existing website and giving feedbacks

  • Research on metatags, and whitehat techniques

Content Writer Image

Content Writer

Our efficient Content Writer provides you with the required content suitable for your website or project.

Our Content Writers for your project will be responsible for:

  • Creating relavent content for the project

  • Include enough density of keywords

  • Provide content with focused keywords for better SERP ranking

  • Analyze and write proper Meta tags, headings , Meta description etc

Executive Image


An expert executive at Entitlemedia works on your account on daily basis.

The data given by strategist, researcher, content writes will be put in an efficient manner suitable for the platform we are working according to the package opted by the client

Our Executive is responsible for:

  • SEO optimization on a daily basis

  • Editing tags on website

  • Working on local SEO

  • Working on website SEO

  • Implementing concepts of Whitehat SEO

Updated SEO Services For Your Business

EntitleMedia is an expert SEO Company that adopts an advanced strategy to make your target audience trust your image for your marketing services.

We conduct extensive keyword analysis and target exceptionally important keywords to bridge any barrier between your potential customer and your site and assist you getting an edge over your competitors.

As a standout among other SEO Company, we provide you with the following:

  • In-depth analysis of content and keyword

  • Niche keyword search and analysis

  • WebSite optimization with schema codes

  • Title and meta-title optimization

  • Content marketing with video recordings, blogs and infographics

  • Online marketing with PR creation, social bookmarking, professional resources, and many more...

SEO Services


87% Organic Trafic Increase
15% Bounce Rate Decrease
29% Pages Per Session Increase

Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Global and National SEO
    Go limitless

    Global SEO is the right SEO to opt when your product or service or business needs to  target global audience.

    Learn more
  • E-Commerce SEO
    Get Organic Sales
    E-Commerce SEO

    Ecommerce SEO is connected to ensuring your product pages appear among top ten search engine listing.

    Learn More
  • Local SEO
    Get Local traffic online
    Local SEO

    Local SEO is similar to organic SEO, yet with an additional geological segment. 

    Learn More
  • Enterprise SEO
    Expand Income
    Enterprise SEO

    Ideal approaches to expand income and drive more traffic to your site. 

    Learn More
  • Off-Page SEO
    Rank high on SERP
    Off-Page SEO

    All the activities that are done away from the website to raise the positioning of a page ranking.

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  • Content Marketing
    Create interest in your brand
    Content Marketing

    Marketing that includes the creation and sharing of online material.

    Learn More

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Generate leads online that works for your business

Standard Premium Business Platinum
Keywords Upto 30 Keywords Upto 50 Keywords Upto 80 Keywords Upto 150
Meta Optimization 30 Page Meta Optimization 50 Page Meta Optimization 80 Page Meta Optimization 150 Page

Why EntitleMedia for SEO?

  • Best SEO Agency

  • Reasonable and customizable SEO packages to suit your requirements

  • Making upgrades to the site to have a superior online presence

  • Attracting traffic to the website

  • Better Return on Investment by following High ROI SEO

  • Brand promotion through the website

  • Enter new markets effortlessly both domestically and globally

  • Witness an expansion in your conversion rates

  • Combat the growing challenges and stand with the best SEO company, EntitleMedia

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PPC Faq's

Our web design packages can be custom made to address the issues of little and huge organizations similarly. In case you don't know which package to pick or need a custom statement, it would be ideal if you can contact us.
Truly, we give free site maintenance to a month's time after the task is finished. This incorporates Adding, Deleting, and Modifying content as it were.
No, you don't have to have your site with us. We are available to planning a site without any preparation or overtake a current site.
Our sites are in fact sound, responsive, and have an extraordinary client experience. They are SEO friendly and will incorporate SEO tool execution. For advanced SEO administrations like keyword analysis, content optimization, and others - Pl contact us for SEO services.
Yes, Entitlmedia offers full-fledged Ecommerce packages. Our designers have broad involvement in the most prominent eCommerce and CMS platforms, for example, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and so forth. We will construct your site on your preferred platform and offer help for key Ecommerce highlights, for example, client enrolment and the executives, shopping basket, item search, and payment gateway.

Look at our Ecommerce portfolio here.

Yes, we offer site update administrations to individuals who wish to give their sites a makeover. We determine issues to have your present website and set aside the effort to comprehend your objectives and outcomes to suggest a website design arrangement. Talk to us to know more
Static sites are sites that serve a similar substance to each guest from a fixed record coded in HTML. They are less perplexing, quicker and more affordable. Dynamic sites are intuitive and fit for serving diverse substances to a website viewer, yet, they are seeing a similar URL. They are written in a server-side scripting language, for example, PHP, ASP and so forth. An example of this is when clients sign on to Ecommerce sites and view costs in various monetary forms dependent on the IP address. Most static sites use a CMS {Content Management System} that enables inner clients to make updates and changes.
Deciding to design a static or dynamic site relies upon the size of the site, the team handling it, the recurrence of updates, and the budget.
Yes, we can help you with the same. A "Splash Page" or "Entry Page" is unique in relation to the landing page - it is a window hosted on the fundamental site page. It can allow the client to pick a nation or language, tempt the client to join through a giveaway, show a disclaimer or pass on a message.
For e.g., Budweiser has a "Splash Page" that requests your age before you can get to the Home page.
Yes, see our website design portfolio here.

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