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Pay Per Click is one of the well-known web marketing strategies where an advertiser pays a certain amount of fee every time when one of their online advertisements is clicked. In this competitive digital marketing world, Entitlemedia is the #1 Google Adwords Service Provider that offers the best PPC Services. We understand the requirement for Pay Per Click advertising for a business to bring in significant leads and conversions. We attempt our best to convey the most exact Pay Per Click Services.

With over 16 years of expertise in Google Adwords, Entitlemedia is the best PPC marketing agency that deals with:

  • Lead Generation
  • E-Commerce Sales
  • App Installations
  • Call and Enquiries
  • Video Promotions

The Procedure: How we work?

Week 1 - Our strategist will try to understand client requirements through continuous meetings with the client.

Our senior strategist will understand your goals and will plan a 3 month, 6 months and 1-year strategy for your business growth which will be revised on a monthly bases

At the same time, our automated system will assign a team of 5 digital marketing experts who will be working on your project and will send you monthly report, static’s of the work, visitors, conversion, etc.

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Account Manager

An account Manager for Digital marketing will represent Entitlement and will be your contact person for the project

Our Account Manager for your project will be responsible

  • For taking inputs from clients all the time

  • Communicating with the client on working hours

  • Coordinate with a team to achieve the result

  • Monthly meetings with client and team

  • Sending monthly reports

PPC Ads Management Services

Do you realize that more than 2 billion individuals approach the web? With 45,000 inquiries regularly and 3.5 billion pursuits, every second, 95% of online surfing starts at a Search Engine! In such a situation, opting for an expert Pay Per Click Ads Management Service supplier has gotten more significance than ever in recent times!

With powerful PPC campaigns, a business can advance its products along with services on different search engines. Since Google is the most well-known web crawler, running promotions on Google AdWords makes a significant component of PPC advertising

Why Entitlemedia?

Our PPC strategic methods are slightly unique in comparison to the rest. With an industry experience of over 10 years, our PPC specialists keep abreast of which sort of PPC will better suit a business that will guarantee the greatest leads and ROI.

They normally screen and unit conscious of the running PPC campaigns utilizing data analytics to promote and strategize the succeeding marketing move whereas frequently targeting for a more robust ad position at a lesser cost.

Our PPC Company pursues an organized procedure containing keyword analysis and choice, competitor analysis, bid management, Ad creation and ad placements on the web crawlers.

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Start working with our PPC team to enhance the results driven from your Pay Per Click Campaigns

83% Clicks - Increase
49% Conversions - Increase
65% Engagement - Increase


Generate leads online that works for your business

Value Standard Premium
Networks: Any 1 Network Networks: Any 2 Network Networks: Any 3 Network
No. of Keywords: 100 No. of Keywords: 200 No. of Keywords: 350

PPC Faq's

Our web design packages can be custom made to address the issues of little and huge organizations similarly. In case you don't know which package to pick or need a custom statement, it would be ideal if you can contact us.
Truly, we give free site maintenance to a month's time after the task is finished. This incorporates Adding, Deleting, and Modifying content as it were.
No, you don't have to have your site with us. We are available to planning a site without any preparation or overtake a current site.
Our sites are in fact sound, responsive, and have an extraordinary client experience. They are SEO friendly and will incorporate SEO tool execution. For advanced SEO administrations like keyword analysis, content optimization, and others - Pl contact us for SEO services.
Yes, Entitlmedia offers full-fledged Ecommerce packages. Our designers have broad involvement in the most prominent eCommerce and CMS platforms, for example, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and so forth. We will construct your site on your preferred platform and offer help for key Ecommerce highlights, for example, client enrolment and the executives, shopping basket, item search, and payment gateway.

Look at our Ecommerce portfolio here.

Yes, we offer site update administrations to individuals who wish to give their sites a makeover. We determine issues to have your present website and set aside the effort to comprehend your objectives and outcomes to suggest a website design arrangement. Talk to us to know more
Static sites are sites that serve a similar substance to each guest from a fixed record coded in HTML. They are less perplexing, quicker and more affordable. Dynamic sites are intuitive and fit for serving diverse substances to a website viewer, yet, they are seeing a similar URL. They are written in a server-side scripting language, for example, PHP, ASP and so forth. An example of this is when clients sign on to Ecommerce sites and view costs in various monetary forms dependent on the IP address. Most static sites use a CMS {Content Management System} that enables inner clients to make updates and changes.
Deciding to design a static or dynamic site relies upon the size of the site, the team handling it, the recurrence of updates, and the budget.
Yes, we can help you with the same. A "Splash Page" or "Entry Page" is unique in relation to the landing page - it is a window hosted on the fundamental site page. It can allow the client to pick a nation or language, tempt the client to join through a giveaway, show a disclaimer or pass on a message.
For e.g., Budweiser has a "Splash Page" that requests your age before you can get to the Home page.
Yes, see our website design portfolio here.

Our Pay Per Click Ads Management Services Includes

Search Ads Advertising

As a component of our PPC advertisement campaign, we target convincing inquiry advertising efforts following the exact focus on criteria with an aim that the promotions contact an apt group of audience. Our expert Google Ads team Service Providers keep a standard to run a promotion campaign to screen the outcomes and expand the ROI from the Campaigns.

Social Advertising

With the developing online life predominance, organizations have tremendous chances to arrive at their target interest group with the aid of social media advertising. Social promotions, merge with different types of online content that improves the relevance rank of the advertisements that accumulate quality leads for the business

Display/Banner Ads Advertising

Our PPC advertising incorporates marketing the customers' brands with convincing display/brand commercials. Staying abreast and refreshed with the ongoing trends and happenings in patterns, we give present-day solutions for standard ads for promotions to make an ideal focusing on the combination and reach the target spectators.

Mobile Advertising

In this mobile-driven world, promoting over mobile phone networks is critical. As the best PPC marketing agency, Entitlemedia helps in promoting efforts that guide companies in contacting their audiences more productively.

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